One Year in Cloud Developer Relations

Last August, I moved from Software Engineering to a role in Developer Relations at Google Cloud. Since then, I have helped users adopt technologies like Istio, moved across the country (twice), spoken at multiple conferences, turned twenty-five, and became my team's tech lead. It's been a fun, challenging year. Here are four lessons I've learned along the way. 1) Willingness to learn > everything else. When I started in this role, I was worried that I didn't have enough experience.

Building My Own Notes App (Glitch, Kubernetes)

TLDR: Code is here (frontend) and here (backend). I've used lots of notes apps. Simplenote. nvALT. Bear. Apple Notes. And they've worked well enough. But lately I've been looking for two things: A programmatic way to read/write notes (API) A way to see a random note from the past (for inspiration) Right now, I'm using Apple Notes across all my devices, which is locked down re: programmatic access. So I knew it was time for a change.

A Kubernetes Developer Workflow for MacOS

Kubernetes development is not one-size-fits-all. Maybe you’re learning Kubernetes with Minikube on your local machine; maybe you’re part of a large organization with many clusters; maybe your cluster is an on-prem lab, or lives in the cloud. But whether you’re a cluster operator managing policies, an app developer test-driving a new service, or a data scientist running Kubeflow, chances are you are doing some (or all) of: connecting to a cluster, inspecting its state, creating resources, and debugging those resources.

Recap: Multicluster Kubernetes at Kubecon EU '18

This month, I attended Kubecon + CloudNativeCon EU, in Copenhagen, Denmark. This conference covers not only Kubernetes but also the growing number of open source projects within the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. It was an exciting conference, with lots of buzz especially around Serverless and Machine Learning with Kubeflow. I think we are also seeing that as more enterprises move to Kubernetes, the more stories they have to tell about their use cases, deployments, and challenges; overall, my favorite talk, from Sarah Wells of the London Financial Times, included some awesome insights about adopting Kubernetes as an organization.