Hi! I’m Megan.

🌁 My job is to help make Cloud infrastructure easier and more delightful to use.

💻 I hear from users, forward feedback to product teams, build tools, fix bugs, write docs/tutorials/blog posts, and give talks + workshops.

☸️ I’ve been working with Kubernetes since 2016 (first at Cisco, now Google), focusing on multicluster use cases for edge computing and hybrid cloud. Now, I’m working on the developer experience for service mesh tools like Istio.

🌈 I care about building an inclusive tech workplace, open source communities, and the environment.

🌃 About me: I’m from Pennsylvania, and I live in New York City. I write fiction and poetry, and also a weekly newsletter called spacebagels. I also love to play electric guitar, spend time outdoors, and read.

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